About Coaches Collective International

Formed in 2007, CCI is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals and organizations through coaching and consulting services that increase their effectiveness and impact. Comprised of six world-class coaches and training professionals based in the U.S., CCI was founded and operates on a simple premise: By combining the singular gifts of our coaches as a collective, we multiply the results that benefit the organizations, clients and communities we serve.

CCI Coaches

Qualified: All coaches have been trained and certified by professional coaching institutes (Hudson Institute & Coaches Training Institute) accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Ethical: We are guided by the ICF Code of Ethics/Guidelines in all client interactions.

Experienced: Our coaches have more than 30,000 collective hours of coaching experience, 60 percent of which is at the Director/VP/Executive/C-Suite level.

Our Coaches

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Lou Kaucic

Sanbornton, New Hampshire
Retired Chief People Officer/EVP HR for Applebee’s Int’l, the world’s largest casual dining concept. Lou specializes in C-level executive coaching and working with recipients of life coaching scholarships.

Lou is really candid, insightful, and yet so supportive. Wow.

Coaching has been an amazing experience for me. I recommend it highly.

Lou has impacted my life in enormous ways and I am so incredibly grateful.

Lou is a fantastic coach. He really helped me develop as well as my team.

I really appreciate how Lou helps me to see my blind spots. There are a LOT of stories that I’ve been telling myself for a long time and he is able to point those out.

Lou has changed my life.

Lou is great at listening, assimilating and providing the right feedback.

I feel stronger and more purposeful than ever.

A pretty fabulous experience.

What an incredible difference Lou has made in my life.

I so appreciate Lou and the impact he’s having in the world.

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Mike Engsberg

Phoenix, Arizona
Seasoned senior HR executive specializing in executive and career transition coaching and in resolving life balance issues.

Mike is my biggest fan! He always keeps it real and always has me thinking...I need this. He always seems to know what I need.

Mike made the coaching experience a safe place, but encouraged and challenged me to consider things I had never thought about.

This experience has been so positive and affirming for me, and it’s without a doubt one of the main reasons I am so clear about what comes next for me professionally.

Mike’s benefit to me was beyond any formal coaching tactics; I was forced to think about and articulate my professional and personal concerns, points of joy, and desire for growth.

Mike challenged me but never made me feel bad for being wishy-washy. He was always very positive and encouraging.

Mike challenged me to not just talk about things, but to do things for myself, my family and my career.

I deeply appreciated having someone genuinely care about my happiness and well-being.

Absolutely one of the best personal growth experiences of my life!

I’ve never experienced coaching before and I loved having the outlet for being open and honest with Mike.

Mike is a gem! I instantly found him to be someone I easily trusted and could confide in.

Mike has helped me articulate what I need, what I want, and more importantly, what I don’t want, so that I can continue on my professional career with more direction and focus.

Mike’s guidance has allowed me to think about my challenges from a different perspective.

Mike’s coaching has made a positively huge difference in my life.

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Nan Fischer

Cincinnati, Ohio
Lifelong educator specializing in navigating career and life transitions as well as developing personal mastery and increasing one’s influence and impact.

I marvel at Nan’s ability to come up with a meaningful quote or resource that perfectly matches what I need to hear or know more about.  

Nan has shepherded my journey as a leader and person, bringing me to life in so many ways. Her coaching has provided clarity about my values, and helped me integrate those into both work and real life!

Nan’s gifts of active listening, validating and educating me was so inspiring. Also, she provided me with so many helpful resources to extend my learning.

I love working with Nan. She has made me better and has now even impacted our team and our organization!

I am so amazed at the changes in myself and my life over the past couple years. Working with Nan has helped me become more confident and accomplish more.

I am a better person, truly better overall, and that has happened on Nan’s watch. I will make the most of this experience in my life for years to come.

Nan is marvelous, and I love working with her. While our focus has been primarily professional relationships, her work with me spilled over into home/personal life -- the areas where I have the greatest challenges.

Nan is amazing! I really appreciated her style and interest in my life. Always felt she had my back, but pushed me to be better.

Truly, Nan has helped me prepare for all the wonderful things that are now happening in my life.

Nan is the voice of calm and reason I need in my life. I often ask myself, “What would Nan say about this?”

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Mary Hulbert

Leeds, Massachusetts
Skilled group facilitator and organizational development consultant specializing in leadership coaching, high-achieving women, and clients who want to increase their vitality and engagement in life and at work.

This coaching experience has been absolutely life/career-changing for me.

Mary is approachable, tough with questions and direct, but so supportive and caring.

My work with Mary has been one of the best experiences I have ever had in my career.

I’m loving it and loving Mary!

Mary is excellent and really helped me leverage my strengths!

Mary is a phenomenal communicator who helps me see new possibilities in the challenges I face as a leader.

I genuinely felt like Mary cares about my well-being and improving my current personal/professional state.

Mary knows how to push without being overbearing – how to be positive, encouraging and direct all at the same time.

Mary is insightful and has great communication skills. Always open and honest.

I love working with Mary. She challenges me to do things I know will make a difference.

Mary goes with me and speaks from her brilliant intuition, so I feel accompanied and led at the same time.

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Billy Merritt

Sanbornton, New Hampshire
Experienced professional life coach specializing in personal growth, overcoming anxiety and self-limiting thought, and families dealing with special needs.

Billy listens, validates and offers guidance. In challenging times, I have found myself wanting to speak with him to process my thoughts and name the steps to move forward.

Billy has been the best coach for me that I can imagine.

Billy’s style is highly effective: caring and thoughtfulness coupled with a passion and drive to make one better.

I am grateful beyond measure for the experience of working with, connecting with and getting to know Billy.

Billy’s calm, intuitive style reassures me of my strengths and addresses my weakness in a constructive way.

I value and appreciate Billy and the coaching more than you will ever understand.

I look forward to our scheduled conversations and truly value Billys feedback and suggestions for ways I can grow in my profession and as a person.

Most of the coaching I received was during a time of serious organizational transition. Billy’s help during this period was extremely valuable.

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Michael Raymond

Winter Park, Florida
Entrepreneur, strategy consultant and professional coach who inspires his clients to intentionally create their most fulfilling lives. Coaching specialities include leadership development, mindfulness/fitness/wellness and relationship building.

Everyone needs a roadmap to travel into the unknown. Solidifying my core values has made my travels less eventful and more peaceful.

This was a fabulous experience for me and one of the best benefits our company offers its employees.

I have developed more self-confidence and a stronger inner peace with who I am, where I’m going and what I want for the rest of my life.

Michael gave me the power to write my own destiny. I learned not to be afraid to look inward and make some of those hard decisions that most of us postpone or avoid.

It has been over a year and I probably think about my conversations with Michael at least 3-5 times a week.

It was my own journey; there were no rules. I did it because I was personally accountable and now I am flourishing both personally and professionally.

The staff has really come together as a well-functioning team with a high level of trust among the players. We couldn’t have gotten here without Michael!

This has been a truly life-changing experience. I’ve been able to apply the principles I’ve learned equally in my professional and personal life.

Michael is an incredible person who coached me to achieve new heights and experience life in a fulfilling and beautiful way.

Michael has fundamentally changed who I am and what’s important to me.

Board of Directors

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Lou Kaucic

Founder, CCI
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Alicia Beck

Associate, Polsinelli LLP
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Joni Thomas Doolin

CEO/Founder of People Report
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Laurie Ellison

Chief Marketing Officer, Children’s Mercy Kansas City
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Christine Kemper

Founder, Kemper & Company
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Kathleen Stinnett

Founder, Future Launch
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Doug Waltman

Founder, Kansas City Leadership Institute

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