Engage Executive Coaching

CCI’s premier offering, specifically for executives from the Director level on up, creates a structured client-coach collaboration to increase effectiveness, satisfaction, success and fulfillment at work and at home. The program includes 20 coaching hours, typically over 8-12 months.

Meetings are typically conducted by phone in 40- to 90-minute sessions (depending on coach and client preferences), with calls being scheduled at mutually agreeable times. Clients also receive assigned tasks and/or readings to facilitate both awareness and actions toward achieving the outcomes they want.

Engage Professional Coaching

A holistic, 10-hour coaching program designed to help clients become more effective and engaged in their work and life.  CCI coaches guide clients in defining and aligning personal values, vision and purpose; gaining a deeper knowledge of self and others; and tapping into natural strengths and abilities.

The process helps clients clarify their priorities and identify actions that will allow them to more effectively lead themselves and others. Our coaches guide, mirror, challenge, lift up, and call forth our clients’ capabilities, energy and confidence.

CCI Group Coaching

CCI’s highly customizable offering for virtually any kind of group wanting to improve relationships, interactions, performance or satisfaction levels. CCI works with group leadership to assess group needs, then develops a program structure, timeline and content, taking into account the nature and composition of the group, its goals and current group dynamic.

Group Coaching uses an array of tools and group activities to open lines of communication and stimulate new ways of thinking about group member roles and contributions, and how relationships and processes within the group can improve.

CCI Team Development

A customized, 6-8 month individual and team development program using the Enneagram personality system as a core tool for understanding oneself and fellow team members. This three-phase program helps team members better understand their own, and each other’s, strengths and capabilities, thereby unleashing more powerful and effective collaboration.

The program consists of three phases: self-discovery through the Enneagram, a team offsite focused on exploring the group Enneagram constellation and leveraging team strengths, and one-on-one executive coaching sessions to accelerate individual and team growth and change. Team leaders and CCI coaches work together to define desired outcomes and success measures, clarify the program components and process, set expectations and timelines, and customize key elements and messages to meet the unique needs of the team.

LAUNCH Career Transition Coaching

An innovative, holistic coaching program designed to help individuals through the challenges of career transition and outplacement. LAUNCH addresses both the emotional aspects of separation and the practical steps necessitated by a forced career/job change, providing personalized, professional guidance and support through the transition process.

The program blends advanced one-on-one coaching methods with self-discovery and structured learning tailored to the individual’s needs. Also included are a unique discovery map and program guide, two assessments, résumé and cover letter templates and counsel, Personal Branding Strategy, a job search Action Plan, Behavioral Interviewing practice, and more.

Pay-It-Forward Coaching Scholarship

The CCI coaches want to use their skills and knowledge to perpetuate a chain of giving that ultimately has a positive impact on many lives. Scholarships are available to provide recipients with 10 hours of free life coaching from one of our accredited CCI life coaches. The coaching takes place by phone, in 30- to 90-minute sessions, two to four times per month.

In return, scholarship recipients are asked to “pay it forward” to someone else, using what they have learned to benefit other people in some way. These scholarships are for anyone who can clearly articulate the area in which they want to improve with the help of a life coach, and who has a rough idea how they will “pay it forward” in the future.