Engage Professional Coaching

Defining and aligning personal values, vision and purpose. Gaining a deeper knowledge of self and others. Tapping into natural strengths and abilities. All serve to help clients move forward, becoming more effective and engaged in their work and life. The power of developing these life skills is what Engage Professional Coaching is all about.

The program comprises a series of personalized, one-on-one sessions conducted by phone or in-person (for a total of 10 coaching hours).

Using a holistic coaching approach, we lead clients through the process of clarifying their priorities and identifying concrete actions that allow them to more effectively lead themselves and others. We find that our clients are naturally creative, resourceful and capable of solving their own issues given support, prompted by powerful questions and encouraged to embrace accountability. As coaches, we guide, mirror, challenge, lift up, and call forth our clients’ capabilities, energy and confidence.

Benefits of Engage Professional Coaching include:

  • Elevated levels of engagement and performance
  • Greater focus, clarity and purpose in life and work
  • Increased self-awareness and self-acceptance
  • Intentionally choosing work/life balance
  • More energy and vitality
  • Increased satisfaction with work and life

Who can benefit from Professional Coaching?

  • Anyone who wants to turn performance feedback into positive and lasting behavioral change
  • Individuals in a new role in work or life
  • Employees who have hit a plateau and feel “stuck”
  • Those trying to create balance between home and work life
  • Individuals looking to make sustainable improvement
  • Managers who want to get the best out of their teams

What Clients Say About Professional Coaching

The benefit from coaching that I have seen has been an effective change in leadership style that has produced a more engaged and motivated team of subordinates.  We have seen our management turnover over the past three years go from a high of 40 to 45% down to our current levels of 15 to 18% annualized. We have also seen excellent improvement in hourly turnover rates going from triple digit levels to current levels of 35 to 45% which is an excellent level in the restaurant industry.

Ron Long, COO, AppleSauce, Inc., Ft. Wayne, IN

It’s interesting to look back now and think about how much smaller, less fulfilling my life would be without my coaching experience. My initial apprehension with starting this process was that coaching was designed more for women than men…I was wrong.  Because of my coaching experience, I have improved personal relationships, have a greater impact on important issues and projects at work, a stronger connection to my community as well as improved health and spiritual well being.

Chris Lazowski, Manager, Strategic / National Accounts, Sto Corp., Atlanta, GA. 30331

It has been a pleasure working with Coaches Collective.  I had the pleasure of implementing professional coaching at both Famous Dave’s and The Elliot Leadership Institute.  The results of both programs exceeded my expectations.  In challenging times we are all looking for ways to increase revenue and decrease expenses, but the value that coaching can add to the company’s overall productivity and engagement is well worth the investment.

Joleen Goronkin, President, People and Performance Strategies, Chanhassen, Minnesota

As partners with the CCI team, I can attest to their professionalism and ability to help each individual maximize and apply learning from the 360 Assessment to increase their personal effectiveness and performance.  These coaches work skillfully to help individuals achieve their personal goals and particularly allow each person to develop at his/her own pace. They ask the “tough” questions and help hold individuals accountable. I highly recommend the CCI coaches

Linda Johnson, Principal of Business Network Solutions, Kansas City, Missouri

I have worked with CCI since the inception of their pilot program.  Without a doubt, the coaching, insight and counsel I’ve received have been instrumental in my growth as an executive, and as a husband, father, and as a coach myself. I’ve personally changed adversarial relationships between functional areas, into productive ones founded on trust.  I’m not sure I would have had the insight to do this on my own.  In addition, I’ve learned several strategies to more effectively work with, and influence key executives.

Tom Finocchiaro, Vice President, Operations Excellence, Applebee’s Services, Overland Park, Kansas