CCI Team Development

Members of high-performing teams understand their own, and each other’s, strengths and capabilities, allowing them to collaborate in a more powerful and effective way to achieve stretch goals. The CCI Team Development offering is a customized 8-12 month program that uses the Enneagram personality system as a core tool for understanding oneself and fellow team members.

Initially, team leader(s) and CCI coaches meet via phone to define desired outcomes and success measures, to clarify the program components and process, to set expectations and agree on a timeline. Customization of key elements and messages to meet the unique needs of the team is also included in these discussions. The program consists of three components:


  • Completion of a brief assessment to determine each person’s Enneagram personality type
  • Completion of a short survey regarding current team behaviors and leader effectiveness
  • Individual 60-minute Executive Coaching sessions introduce the Enneagram personality system, and identify behaviors and action steps to maximize strengths and minimize limitation

Two One-Day, Offsite Team Building Sessions


  • Learn about each other and how to communicate, manage conflict, support, and leverage each other’s strengths through the Enneagram
  • Identify team strengths and areas for development
  • Solidify team goals and norms
  • Increase trust and deepen relationships; strengthen awareness of the benefits of sharing best practices, asking for help, and giving and receiving feedback


  • Capture individual and team learnings
  • Review and update team goals and norms
  • Identify strategies to sustain team achievements and move ahead
  • Apply best practices for feedback skills

Performance Coaching

  • Each team member is offered up to 8 hours of one-on-one coaching sessions with the program coaches. Participant and coach identify coaching focus areas, including both professional and personal goals, based on participant input, 360 results (if available), performance reviews, and insights from the supervisor through a coach-facilitated power feedback process.
  • Coaching sessions include learning tools and concepts for self-mastery and developing emotional intelligence competencies, such as energy management, trust accounts, handling limiting beliefs, giving and receiving feedback and feed-forward.

Benefits of Team Development include:

  • Enhanced individual and interpersonal effectiveness
  • Increased self-awareness and self-management
  • Development of a high-performing team
  • Improved business results
  • Accelerated and successful integration of new team members
  • Heightened trust level among team members
  • Expanded capacity for giving and receiving priceless feedback
  • Higher value placed on collaboration as key to personal and team success

Who can benefit from Team Development?

  • Leaders of intact teams or regional teams who want to achieve superior results by improving both individual and interpersonal effectiveness, and cultivating a culture of high trust, candor, and collaboration