CCI Group Coaching

Group Coaching is perhaps the most customizable of the CCI offerings, being highly adaptable to meet the unique needs of virtually any kind of group wanting to improve relationships, interactions, performance or satisfaction levels. CCI will work with leadership to assess the needs of the group, then develop superior, customized content to accomplish defined objectives.  The program design will take into account the nature and composition of the group, its specific goals as well as the current group dynamic.

Topics addressed through group coaching may include Situational Leadership, Radical Candor/Feedback Models, Improving Individual and Team Performance, to name just a few. The tools and principles that make up the program are easily modified to meet specific needs and deliver powerful results for a wide variety group types.

Our programs use an array of tools and group activities to open lines of communication and stimulate new ways of thinking about group member norms, and how relationships and processes within the group can significantly improve. Our proprietary “Engage Cards,” for instance, provide a structured, fun, hands-on way to gauge and explore group members’ satisfaction, engagement and general attitudes toward key workplace factors like communication and issue resolution.

Benefits of Group Coaching include:

  • Improved working relationships among team members
  • Greater clarity and understanding through direct interaction
  • Catalyst for issue identification and resolution
  • Increased feeling of empowerment for members who previously lacked a “voice”
  • “Safe,” non-threatening forum for honest communication

Who can benefit from Group Coaching?

  • Leadership teams at all levels
  • Functional teams striving to improve effectiveness
  • Non-work groups who want to share more congenial interactions
  • Interdisciplinary teams looking to maximize synergies