LAUNCH Career Transition Coaching

People in career transition find themselves in a situation they didn’t choose – a situation that can have a profound, pivotal effect on their life. Involuntarily separating employees is difficult for everyone involved, which is why CCI created LAUNCH. Our LAUNCH Career Transition Coaching program takes an innovative, whole-life approach to helping individuals through the challenges of career transition and outplacement. Addressing both the emotional aspects of separation and the practical mechanics of a career/job change, LAUNCH provides the client with personalized, professional guidance and support as they navigate the transition process.

The program includes these services, which are tailored to the individual needs of each participant:

  • Participants work one-on-one with a certified coach who remains with them for the duration of their journey.
  • Our progressive approach blends advanced coaching methods with self-discovery and structured learning.
  • The Launch Pad™, a unique discovery map and program guide, provides the foundation of the program.
  • Program deliverables include two assessments, dedicated one-on-one time with a certified coach, résumé and cover letter templates and counsel, Personal Branding Strategy and a job search Action Plan, Behavioral Interviewing practice, and a materials packet that includes a program binder and books.

Benefits of Career Transition Coaching:

  • Learning to deal positively with job loss
  • Résumé preparation
  • Creating a clear life vision
  • Improved networking techniques
  • Identifying and targeting employers
  • Discovering strengths, passions and core values
  • Honing interviewing skills
  • Helping family members adjust to transitional changes
  • Re-evaluating career direction and options
  • Entrepreneurial consulting

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