Engage Executive Coaching

Designed specifically for executives from the Director level to the C-Suite, Engage Executive Coaching is CCI’s premier offering. The program creates a structured collaboration between the client and a dedicated executive coach with the aim of increasing the client’s effectiveness, satisfaction, success and fulfillment both at work and at home. Clients receive a user-friendly, executive binder laying out the well-defined, high-impact process through which they are carefully led by the coach through the first five hours of the program.

These core tools and processes serve as the basis for productive interactions throughout the remainder of the program and include PowerFeedback, a dynamic, three-way conversation between client and supervisor, facilitated by the coach. In all, the program includes 20 coaching hours, typically implemented over a period of 8-12 months.

Before the first coaching session, CCI founder Lou Kaucic conducts an initial assessment of the client (usually by phone) using CCI’s Coachability Index in order to match the client with the CCI coach best suited to their needs and goals. Once that match is determined, a coach is assigned, an Engage Executive binder is mailed to the client, and the program begins in earnest.

In the initial session, the executive coach meets with the client in person or by phone for introductions, to review the process and structure of the program, and to answer any questions. Meetings are typically conducted by phone in 40- to 90-minute sessions (depending on coach and client preferences), with calls being scheduled at mutually agreeable times. Experience has shown us that conducting two to four sessions per month over a period of at least six months helps establish an effective working relationship between coach and client, fostering consistency and momentum as clients put desired changes into effect. In addition to the phone sessions, clients receive assigned tasks and/or readings that facilitate both awareness and actions toward achieving the outcomes they want. Coaching focuses on a plan of action that serves as an ongoing guide to living more purposefully.

Benefits of Engage Executive Coaching include:

  • Greater focus, clarity and purpose in life and work
  • Higher levels of energy, engagement and performance
  • Improved working relationships with superiors and team members
  • More satisfying and sustainable work/life balance
  • Enhanced ability to manage stress and/or anxiety
  • Increased self-awareness and self-acceptance

Who can benefit from Executive Coaching?

  • C-Suite executives striving for personal and professional growth
  • Those adjusting to a new role in the executive ranks
  • Executives in need of greater work/life balance
  • Anyone aiming to deliver “inspired” performance
  • Leaders looking to motivate their teams in a positive manner
  • Talented people held back by personal “weak” areas